About Us


We are a couple that prides ourselves on living a healthy and meaningful life. We are not your typical couple that likes eating out at restaurants, however we both share a deep passion for food.

Both of us possess the desire to cook and prepare our own meals, and this is something we now get to do together. Yes we like going grocery shopping.

We both enjoy all sorts of activities as eating right is only half the battle. Knowing the proper ways to workout insures that the healthy food you are putting into your body is being put to good use.

We want to take you along on our journey of cooking and living a healthy life, filled with insight into our daily routines and schedules.

Grab a copy of our bi-monthly article in the magazine “Wellness” available in the city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

About Rachael

She is a fitness fanatic thats brings a fresh approach to the industry. She believes in making your insides as healthy as your outsides, something many of us overlook. Nutrition is the key to her success and an area she has great experience in.

She has taught Group Fitness, as well as being a competitive dancer for most of her life. Her main hobbies consist of cooking/preparing healthy meals and working out.

Her dream for a few years now has been to compete in a bikini fitness competition and this year that dream will become a reality. The competition is in Summer 2014 and she plans to document it and take you along for the ride.

About Clinton

He has been a high-level hockey player for 20 years playing Junior A across Canada as well as Canadian College Hockey in Alberta.

He brings a wealth of experience in sports nutrition, fitness, and the mental part of sports. Having won a Junior A Hockey Championship and Canadian College Hockey Championship, Clinton knows the recipe for success.

Clinton is also a contributing writer on the Ultimate Hockey Network (www.ultimatehockeynetwork.com)

You can follow him on Twitter: @CSenksBiz

Hire Us!

If you want to know more in depth about our routines and take a step into our world, fill out the contact section below!


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